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Our Philosophy

At United Pharma, we believe that we can still lead longer and more active lives despite the changing lifestyles and ageing process. This is possible when we adopt a proactive attitude towards taking care of our personal health. We believe in the effectiveness of our products and their ability to help people manage their health conditions.

Below are the principles that we embrace dearly:

1. Research

We regularly meet with university researchers, doctors, specialists, and other health care experts to ensure that consumers are responding well to our products. Constantly being in close contact with these healthcare professionals also enable us to keep abreast of the latest developments in food science and nutrition technologies.
Our research team reviews the latest clinical research studies that affect our products, our ingredients and our industry which produce the basis for new and more effective formulations.

2. Guaranteed Quality & Potency

Once the ingredients are delivered to the manufacturing premises, our quality control experts will test each batch of raw materials for their safety, efficacy and purity. Once the quality check has been completed, each product will be issued a Certificate of Analysis as an assurance that the ingredients used are pure, safe and effective.

3. Natural Way

We believe that only the purest ingredients extracted from Mother Nature should be used in our products. This means that only the finest botanical ingredients using the state-of-the art extraction technology, to bring your health back to its optimum level.

Our Value Proposition

1. Unique Formulation of Nutraceutical Products by Singapore Medical Professionals

The formulation of the series of nutraceutical supplements under the house brand BrioPharm and Ultra Life Science is recommended by a panel of USA and Singapore medical professionals and nutritionists to suit the dietary requirements of the local market.
2. Phytochemicals–Based Ingredients

Using only the finest quality plant nutrients for its range of nutraceutical products .
3. Reliable Quality, Safety and Purity Guaranteed by Scientific Expertise

We regard the safety and product satisfaction of the customer as our first priority.

Our products are held to the highest standards of quality and integrity, assuring customers safety and effectiveness.

Continual research and advanced quality control techniques help ensure that the high quality vitamin, herbal, mineral, botanical and glandular formulation will consistently produce the intended therapeutic actions.

Our Accreditations

1. Good Manufacturing Practice

Our products are manufactured according to GMP regulations in the USA. The GMP regulations in USA differs from most of the standards of GMP in other countries in that its requirements are over and above that stated in the World Health Organization (WHO) document in the FDA’s version.

Our products comply with the stringent GMP standards and requirements in the USA on the methods, equipment, facilities, and controls required for producing natural products with the highest purity, quality, strength and identity. The entire manufacturing process is documented and controlled in every aspect, from the time the ingredients reach the incoming warehouse through the finished products that are approved and released for distribution.

We insist in such a highly regulated and thorough process to maintain consistent high quality in every batch, bottle and capsule of Ultra Life Science and BrioPharm.

2. Product Liability Insurance

The full range of Ultra Life Science and BrioPharm are covered under the Product Liability Insurance.